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Our goal is to turn clients’ visions into a tangible production.

Services include corporate event production, live sporting events, televised events and broadcasts.

Music Business and Investment

We provide different types of investment opportunities for budding talents in the music industry via equity finance, venture capital, business angels etc.

Fitness Club and Spa

Led by our motivating and energetic instructors, our grueling spin classes, under innovative fitness zones, guarantee to put you through your paces, burning calories, exhilarating your day and ultimately inspiring you to reach for new fitness goals.

Reality Shows

To develop creative reality show ideas for the TV and online market we rely heavily on our expertise, unique style of storytelling, and cinematic techniques to serve companies in need of high end media content.

Pro and Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Competitions

Armed with a large talent pool of prize fighters(professional and amateur) in various combat sports disciplines from Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa, we’ve been able to tap into the fastest growing sports in the world which is Mixed Martial Arts, MMA.

 Our previous, well attended  and packaged, MMA championships are still generating massive social media engagement which continues to fire the brand into staging more  entertaining tournaments that appeal to all families who value their time, hospitality and safety.

Events And Production

Our team of producers ensures a top class technological and creative execution of an event using sound, lighting, video, design, and more to control the atmosphere, mood, and emotion of attendees. 

Our goal is to turn clients’ visions into a tangible production plan that can be shared with production vendors, crew, and venues.

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